Funding Repairs

General Maintenance

Each school district in Oregon sets aside a portion of its General Fund (main operations budget) for regular school upkeep and maintenance. On average, our district has close to $6 million budgeted per year for general maintenance.

Major Renovations and New Schools

For major renovations, repairs and construction of new schools, school districts seek additional funding from their local communities. They are allowed to do this under Oregon law. The law says:

Common and union high school districts may contract a bonded indebtedness for any one or more of the following purposes in and for the district:

(a) To acquire, construct, reconstruct, improve, repair, equip or furnish a school building or school buildings or additions thereto

1998 Construction Bond

In November 1998, our community approved a $177.1 million construction bond. These funds, collected from property taxes, paid for renovations and repairs at a majority of our schools; and built 10 new schools, including West Salem High School. Through good fiscal management and the work of our community oversight committee, projects were completed on time and under budget.

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